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Our Mission

At Neurophys Solutions we have been involved with neurodiagnostic practices and research for many years. Within this time period, we have uncovered a void in the industry in the area of training and professional development in the field. It is our mission to provide our members with... more

What You'll Learn

Neurophys Solutions has created a community of members through our interactive site that allows for e-learning to enhance one's experience in intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM). We reach out to... more


In many industries success in determined by one’s ability to perform; a metric system used to qualify and quantify. Success is defined collectively by how society notices, acknowledges, and rewards those actions. In our industry, I believe, the definition... more

Now offering neuromonitoring & neurodiagnostic services, including on-site training and CNIM prep.

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