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In many industries success in determined by one’s ability to perform; a metric system used to qualify and quantify. Success is defined collectively by how society notices, acknowledges, and rewards those actions. In our industry, I believe, the definition of success can go a step further to include the leadership focusing on mentorship, inclusion, and diversity.

What I’m noticing now is that established individuals in our industry and institutions alike seldom fraternize with the new recruits, why? These professionals are supposed to be mentors using their years of experience to hone their craft, to guide and influence. Conversely, newly minted technologists aren’t asking questions and attending conferences, why?

Mentorship: There are so many ways in which a colleague can be a trusted advisor. They can use their experiences to guide your thought process and help sharpen your skills. They can have your back, give advice, and support your projects and ideas. Your hype (wo)man can help you develop through collaboration and networking.

Inclusion: Being a part of a group enables you to advocate for that groups mission and encourages greater creativity and participation. In other words, being a part of a group gives us
more power to influence the ideas that affect our profession.

Diversity: Not all our experiences are the same. Diversity in background, education, gender, race, and training add so much value to the creative process. Mentees provide feedback on how they best learn what’s practical and not always procedural in the field.

I’d like to see more people involved in think tanks that focus on conducting research, writing white papers, and debating ideas that overall encourage the success of every individual and organization it’s a part of no matter how small or big the concept.

What would you like to see our societies (ACNS, ASET, ASNM) do and how do you think they (and us) can better engage and continue to propel us toward success? My personal opinion is to create apprenticeships worldwide perhaps have scholarships for mentees in the industry to attend conferences. Comment below ⬇️

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